Speaking Dutch in
Daily situations
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It feels good for everyone to speak or hear one's mothertongue. Do you want to communicate with your colleagues or the baker in the language of your new country? Daily Dutch can help you!
"When I was an expat in Houston, Texas, I learned that I needed to have a much more specific vocabulary to be able to speak comfortably with the people around me. And for you, living in the Netherlands now, it must be much harder, since so few people in the world speak our beautiful language."
What I experienced in my years of working as a teacher, is that every person has an individual learning style and different needs. I learned to work on a personal interest and skill level. Daily Dutch will do just that!
"Speaking Dutch is not a disorder of the throat, although the hefty ggg's can be tough on your vocal chords! Speech and articulation work together and during my study of speech therapy I learned how to get it right. It's the tone that makes the music, don't you think?"
Do you have a busy schedule at work or at home, or are you frequently out of town? Daily Dutch will be flexible to fit to your schedule.
"Learning the language or learning why we do things our way, I have no doubt you'll love your Daily Dutch!"